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Below is information obtained about the use of the facilities at Stoked Centre (as of Oct 2022).


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Here are the details of activities that you thought would best suit your guests:

VIP Bowling: 2 or 4 lanes available to be booked starting @ $170 per lane for 1.5 hrs. Length of time can be decreased/increased, pricing to reflect decrease/increase if requested. 
  1. Spark Interactive Experience: projected graphics onto bowling lanes that the ball can interact with enhancing the bowling experience 
  2. Allows 6 bowlers per lane 
  3. Extra seating and tables  
  4. Food and beverage allowed in lanes 

REG. 10 Pin Glow Bowling: starting @ $120 per lane for 1.5 hrs. Length of time can be decreased/increased, pricing to reflect decrease/increase if requested.
  1. Allows 6 bowlers per lane 
  2. Food and beverage allowed in lanes 

Arcade: Open to the public on a first come first serve basis. All games require credits to be played and credits can be purchased at the bowling alley counter. Pricing is as follows: 

$10 – 30 Credits 

$20 – 65 Credits 

$30 – 100 Credits 

$40 – 140 Credits 

$50 – 185 Credits 

$100 – 375 Credits 


Restaurant: Reservations pending availability and group size. Menus can be found on our website at for group size under 25 guests. If larger than 25 guests, you will be provided with menu options for large group reservations. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this information or if you would like to proceed with booking your event. We will require 14 days minimum notice in advance for bookings.


Kara Stephanson     |    Events Coordinator    |    Stoked Centre at Wilson’s


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Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2022 at 5:54 PM
Subject: Bowling event info

I spoke with Kara (306-955-8962), and here is the status so far.


1. Is it available for Nov 12th?
 Yes. (I have it booked for 8:30pm)

2. Is a deposit required?
 No deposit, but full payment is required 7 days before the event. I confirmed that it's $680. That's including taxes and all the extras of the VIP lanes (the holographic features, etc). She is creating a contract for the booking and will send it to us.

3. What is the cancellation policy?
If payment is made in advance, then...
 a) If cancelled 14 days ahead, 100% refund.
 b) If cancelled 7 days ahead, 50% refund.

4. How many people can we have in the VIP room (even if they aren't bowling)?

5. What are we allowed to bring into the room?
 Only a cake.
 If we bring our own birthday cake, there is a $2/person charge.
 If we use their cake catering service, there is a menu to choose from which she will send to us.


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From: Stoked Centre <>
Date: Mon, Oct 3, 2022 at 7:50 PM
Subject: RE: Stoked Centre Event Info

Cake options:


Basic Options - $5 per person

  1. Vanilla or Chocolate 6” cake with icing with a Birthday Banner
  2. Vanilla or Chocolate Cupcakes with icing and Birthday Banner on 1 cupcake

Custom Cake Options:

  • Any cake with colored icing
  • Any cake with specific flavor request (ie: red velvet, carrot, colored cake, etc.)
  • Extra embellishments with icing or fondant
  • Large size cake for more than 12 people
  • Prices vary depending on options that are wanted.




Jess Howard     |    Events Coordinator    |    Stoked Centre at Wilson’s | (306) 955 - 8962 | []



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