Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Technical issue with Meetup event times

There is an ongoing technical issue with Meetup event times... the time may be displayed wrong (shows an hour earlier than it should). This problem seems to be because the Meetup system doesn't calculate the time zone properly for Saskatchewan for the period between Mar-Nov when Daylight Savings is in place.

Myself and other group owners have submitted support requests with Meetup. Though they've acknowledged the problem, they have not fixed it.

As long as this problem exists, be sure to double-check times with event organizer(s) if it seems unclear. SSC event organizers know about the problem and should always put the time in the event title.

SSC Owner


FROM: Meetup Support

Oct 19, 2021, 5:41 PM EDT

Hi there Cory,

Thanks for your patience and for reaching out about your experience. We've tested this and confirmed there is a problem regarding the incorrect timezone for Saskatchewan, Canada.

We've alerted our engineers to your experience. We appreciate your patience while we prioritize and investigate getting this fixed! While we don't have an exact timeframe of when this will be resolved, we'll follow up with you when we have more information.

Meetup's Community Support team