Field House Drop-in Booking Information


For those with an an interest in booking their own dates/times at the Field House for badminton or pickleball courts, here are the drop-in booking instructions.

- It must be done by phone.
- It allows 1 court for 1 hour per person per day.
- Bookings can only be made two days in advance. For example, if you want a time on Sunday, the soonest you can book it is the morning of the Friday before.
1. Call 306-975-3354 and select menu option 3.
2. Ask for the date/time you want.
3. When you go play, sign in for your booking at the front desk (otherwise they will give it away).
My experience using drop-in booking is that if you want one of the popular times (Evenings & Weekends), you may need to call in as soon as the Field House phone lines are open (6:30am on Weekdays, 9am on Sat/Sun).
The cost for drop-in is their regular building admission rates... $10/adult and $6/youth. This cost goes down if you buy bulk tickets or a monthly pass ( ).
There is an SSC Badminton Chat Group for those who want to organize their own games and players separate from the weekly time on the SSC calendar. When you have a date/time booked, you can post it in the group asking if anyone else would like to play with you. Here is the link to join the group: